You are currently viewing THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER


This Very Fine, Precious and Refreshing Clear Liquid from Nature Has So Many Valuable

Benefits for the Body and Soul, I Consider it Earth’s Liquid GOLD.

H2O Is Great and H3O is even Better it Comes from the Rain falling from the sky and not a faucet or  Drain.

In that way, it is more Purer for Sure.

It is Vital to use it to Endure if there is a Water Shortage, learning One’s Best to live off the Grid and Land

Could become a Stark Reality and You don’t want to be left in the Dark

That is why it is Good to conceive a plan to Survive.

We need water  of course to Drink and wash away any Germs or Bacteria 

Especially in a World 🌍 with a Great deal of Mass Hysteria

With Disasters happening either Natural or Man-Made.

That Liquid Gold should never get Old or be Taken for Granted, Keep a Large Supply because going without it

After several days, whether it is an Emergency or not You could DIe.

So I Encourage One’s to Stay Hydrated the Best you Can

It is All Apart of the Master Plan to Stay Alive and this is  No JIVE

(c) By David L. Mitchell 2020

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