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Mostly Everyone Loves to Eat and Drink, when your Hungry or Thirsty for something Delicious You don’t have to Think or Blink, You are Ready to Bite into that  Hot Pizza 🍕, Pasta Or Sandwich and then Gulp down Something Cold such as your Favorite Beverage 🍺.

Oh Yes this is One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures  Indeed.

Rest and Sleep is a Natural Need.

It can be Refreshing and a Joy As Well.

So I Encourage All to Eat Well, Drink Well and Sleep Well

It will Make your Life Excellent in a Number of Ways.

It Really Comes down to Finding a Good Balance with things in Life.

Now having Pizza, Cake 🍰, Soda, Pies and Fries Everyday isn’t Healthy it could Unfortunately Increase your Potential to Die Untimely.

But Don’t Worry, Your Favorite Meal , Drink and that Glass of Wine🍷 or Two is Fine

So Continue to Dine Well, Sip on a Nip of Something Tasty and Sleep Deeply.

Copywrite By David L. Mitchell 2020

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