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The Montgomery Country Chamber of Commerce​

The Montgomery Country Chamber of Commerce can be considered as one of the pioneers in the business and professional world. Being the backbone of the adventure , where both business and professional people work together for the common good of the society , is a service which can not be described by simple words. Their effort in putting new ideas into work, driving the volunteer work , fundraising and working for a better community, definitely should be praised every moment since they are saving our future generations as well.


How Pandemics, Greed, Hate and Evil will Ruin Human Society as We Know It

We Are all facing Critical Times from Pandemics, Economic Problems, Hate Crimes and a host of other Horrible things. Hardships are so Common place in our World Society especially now since we Are so Interconnected Globally, and it is Getting Worse. A DOOMSDAY Scenario is Looming and we are Running out of Time for Maintaining a Somewhat Stable World Society. This Profound and Important Read Helps One’s to Understand in Plain Words the Crippling Conditions we are Witnessing and Experiencing. It will Unfortunately Continue unless Positive Change Takes Place DOOMSDAY Is a Very Concise Book Packed with a Wealth of Factual Information to learn from in an Engaging Way. A Must Read Page Turner for All….

Author - David L. Mitchell

David L Mitchell Is a Published Children’s Book Author/Illustrator of four Early Books for Kids. Mitchell has Written Numerous Articles and Editorials about Social and Political Commentary that has Appeared in Several Newspapers throughout the Nation ( USA). He is also a Weather Watcher Member for CBS 3 TV News in Philadelphia, Pa. He Enjoys Traveling to different lands learning about and Enjoying different Cultures. He is Also a Volunteer in his Community helping Children and the Underprivileged. Mitchell Strives to Make a Difference for the Better in the World through sharing Engaging Information.

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