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If you are not Fit, It Will take at Least a Bit Of Encouragement to Work Out, There is No Doubt it Takes  The Will to start to Exercise.

Well Let’s Start today try when you Rise out of Bed to Move around Just a Little Extra .

It Gets  the Heart Pumping and the Blood Circulating , it Will get you In Shape if you have to Leave a Place where there is a Flood, But Most of All it Is Important to Work Out to be and Stay Fit, this Poem is to Inspire You to Start  or if you are Already doing it Not to Quit.

Especially During this Time With The Pandemic going On.

And many have to Remain inside and Social Distance and that is a Challenge for Anyone But you can Do it and Even have Some Fun.

So Turn on your Favorite Music and Move your Feet to the Beat.

It doesn’t have to be in A Rhythmic Fashion, Just try and Get Inspired with a Passion to be Strong and Gain some Power , Just for 15 minutes not even a Whole Hour in a Day.

You Can Do it and You Will Definitely See Good Results and Improvements in Time before  you know it and You Will feel Great and there is No Debate about it.

(C) By David L. Mitchell 2020

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