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These are Depressing

Times for So Many People.

Folks are Sad, Mad and Outraged with the Conditions going on In the World🌍

It is Abundantly Clear that the Year 2020 has been like No other year in a Very Very Very Long Time and What Makes it Worse is All the Mud and Slime being Thrown in the Political Arena.

I Pray for a Better Day and I Sincerely Hope My Poems and Prepgears can Help People Cope and Overcome Any and All Negative Thoughts and Feelings that are Hurting their Overall Health .

It is Not Selfish to Think of Yourself  Regarding Your Overall Well Being.

Concentrate and Focus On Yourself First before You Burst a Vessel, You are AWESOME So

Be Kind To Yourself.

God didn’t Ever Make Junk so Always Remember that and Read this Poem from time to time if you Find yourself in a Funk for Inspiration and Let Happiness be Your Destination.

Copywrite by David L Mitchell 2020

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