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It is Absolutely not a Crime to feel Scared during this troubling Time of a Worldwide Pandemic.

COVID 19 is Mean and Real, But there are ways to deal with it.

Wearing PPE Definitely will help to Keep you Safe, Social Distancing at least 6 feet is Another way to Defeat the Virus.

Testing and Keeping Clean Hands are Very Much Important for a Number of Reasons and with the Change of the Seasons 

These Measures are Worthy of Consideration.

There could be a Second Wave of this Deadly Virus so Prepare Well, it Also Unfortunately takes a Big Toll on One’s Economic, Mental and Emotional

Health and I Hope That Everyone can Cope with these Conditions, even if you have to take things one Moment at a Time.

Please never feel any Shame and Reach out for Help every Decent Soul Deserves that in Life, Especially if you are Dealing with  Unforeseen Strife that Comes 

Upon your Respected Doors.

Always Remember that You Are an  Awesome Human being Despite your Plight, May Goodwill be on your side for a Bright Future that will

Come your Way, Meanwhile, Give Yourself a Huge Pat on the  Back Today for Hanging in there through Thick and Thin my Friend.

(C) By David L. Mitchell 2020

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