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“Preparation is So Important for Success in Life, Always Have Knowledge, Gear and a Knife

The Basic things When Dealing with Storms or being Possibly Stranded Alongside of the Road at Night In the Cold Rain, being Ready can Help with the Frustration and Pain.

Being Prepared for anything that Life throws at you is Vital for Survival.

Waiting on Something or Someone isn’t the Plan, So I Encourage the Man or Woman that you see in the Mirror Each day to be the Person to Take the Lead to Prep for a Safe and Great Outcome.

You All are Stronger then you Know.

So When there is Aweful Conditions Out Maybe 3 to 4 feet of Snow or A Hurricane, Earthquake, Fire or a Power Failure for hours Possibly Days  with No Relief in Sight .

If you Prepped you can Rest a Bit Easy at Night. 🌃

Preppers are Smart, Caring and Brave People who Plan ahead to keep themselves their Families and Friends from Experiencing the Dread.

Or the Worst Winding up Dead.

(C) By David L. Mitchell 2020

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  1. Sandima

    Thanks for the motivation 💪🏻❤️

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