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Up with Love and down with Hate Is how I would Like to start with this from the Gate

There is no Debate that All humans are Created Equal.

There is No Race or Culture that is Superior or Inferior, We All as humans have more things in Common

Then we have Differences.

If there is a Bad Flood and we are not Prepared and get Hurt, we will Bleed the same Color Blood.

Sadly HATE has been here on the Earth since the Beginning of Time, In Our Era Hate is a Crime and it 

Should be if Someone Harms another because they look different from them.

Spreading a Falsehood about People from another Neighborhood or Zip Code is Wrong and that Type of

Propaganda must End for Love to Begin.

It is a Shame and it is not a Game that Hate is Alive and that it has Power, It is Unfortunately a Mighty Tall Tower

That needs to Fall DOWN…

It is not by any Means Easy or Simple to do at All, Because of the Ignorance and Fear that keeps the Hate Going On.

But it Can Be Eradicated out of the Minds and Hearts of Man with a Positive Plan.

The Ultimate Answer is LOVE❤.

But Before We Get There as the Human Race, People have to Care to some Degree about Dignity and RESPECT

For Humanity🌍.

That should be the Golden Rule and it is even Cool🆒

To see People of different Walks of Life Talk and Most of All Listen to each other and this Can be Started with the family

Sister and Brother.

Thoughts and Behaviors Begin at Home.

We learn things about People throughout our Childhoods.

I Encourage One’s to Teach about the Good regarding people who may Look or Believe Different

Yes, it is a Challenge and Hard, but it Is a Start to Create the Love Card Instead of the Hate Card.

It Has the Great Potential to make for a More Positive and Healthier World Community of Unity.

It is Doable so for Instance Just Consider for Now a Nice Conversation with Someone Over a Delicious Meal or Coffee

If You have already or Can Develop that Concept you have Already Won in the Fight Against HATE and with that Have a Great Day.

(c) By David L.Mitchell 2020

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